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Steve Blythe for Congress 2008

Democrat for Florida's 15th District

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Steve Blythe, a Melbourne Family Physician, is running to represent the people of Florida's 15th District in the US Congress. Steve is not some slick politician - he never dreamed of going into politics. He is simply a capable, smart, sincere, concerned American - concerned about the future his children - and yours. He will represent the people's values and interests and not those of moneyed special interests. If you value democracy, please support Steve

Focusing on America's Greatness

The United States is the greatest nation that ever existed - but Steve feels we have moved away from appreciating and using that greatness and have too often let fear and greed interfere. We have moved away from protecting the environment and preserving our wonderful wild places and wildlife, for example. Our health care system is by far the most technically advanced, but we have far too many Americans who cannot reap the advantage of that because they have no health insurance. And we have sold our soul - for the price of some imagined security we have turned our back on civil rights and human rights, violating our constitution and ignoring international law. We must regain our standing as a moral beacon for the world. We must work with the nations and people of the world, and not simply bully them.

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